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We are both converts to the Catholic Faith and are active in our local parish.  Sue converted as a seeker convert from a Protestant/agnostic background, in 1963.  Gerry converted from an Anglican background, in 1973.  Gerry and Sue are both professed Secular Franciscans.

Ministries: Sue - care ministry and music ministry (weekly) - Gerry is disabled so has a prayer ministry.

Both Gerry and Sue are Stephen Ministers.

We have both been catechists and sponsors for RCIA.

We have been married for 51 years and have a son, DIL , 4 grandkids and a great granddaughter!  Our Grandkids are all grown up now!

Sue was in the convent for 9 months in the 1960's, a very enriching experience but God had other plans for me.

Sue, likes to play violin, read, research, author articles, play with computers, ride bicycles, and write to cyber pen pals.

Gerry, a retired aerospace engineer, likes to watch TV, play with computers and read.

Sue and Gerry, now 72, enjoyed daily bike riding on electric bicycles for a year or so, which unfortunately, for several reasons, among which were that Gerry's lack of balance after 3 strokes and several surgeries, didn't work out - Gerry has now switched to a mobility scooter and Sue rides her pedal bicycle with Gerry's scooter, and of course, both Gerry and Sue enjoy visiting with son, DIL and the grandkids and great granddaughter, when they are available.  :)