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Angels are pure spiritual creatures of God who have understanding and will. They have no bodies, cannot die, and are usually not visible. They live constantly in God's presence and convey God's will and God's protection to men.

"An angel", wrote Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger), is "so to speak the personal thought with which God is turned toward me".

At the same time the angels are turned completely toward their Creator. They burn with love for him and serve him day and night. Their song of praise is never-ending. In Sacred Scripture the angels who have fallen away from God are called devils or demons.

Can we interact with angels?

Yes. We can call on angels for help and ask them to intercede with God.

Every person receives from God a guardian angel. It is good and sensible to pray to one's guardian angel for oneself and for others. Angels can also make themselves noticeable in the life of a Christian, for example, as bearers of a message or as helpful guides. Our faith has nothing to do with the false angels of New Age spirituality and other forms of esotericism. (YOUCAT questions 54-55)

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