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Catholic responses to Pro choice issues

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Can a Catholic be "pro choice" and conform with Catholic teachings?

In a word, "no"!  Not without risking sin. The Catholic church teaches the total sanctity of human life in ANY form and that terminating a human life in abortion is a serious (formerly mortal) sin.  It is one of the few sins which carries an automatic excommunication from the Catholic church.

But isn't choice an American value?

This all gets sticky. Whose choice are we speaking about, the baby's choice or the mother's choice?  Do we know the baby would choose to die?  Ultra sound movies tell us that the baby tries to swim away from the suction device or scalpel.   Surveys of adults, even those seriously handicapped and debilitated always show 100 percent of them saying they never wish they had not been born.

Traditionally, Americans are not allowed "choice" when it involves danger to another human being.  Most of our laws today are protective of the lives of human beings.

A fetus isn't a human being is it?

A fertilized egg has all the genetic material present to make a human being so if we follow what the scientists say, we have to admit that human life begins at conception.

Most unborn babies are aborted at 12 weeks, torn apart with a suction machine similar to that used for liposuction.  At 12 weeks, human fetuses have human brain waves and can feel pain, have a total set of working organs, have fully formed body parts (and even toe nails and finger nails)

What about abortion in case of Rape, or incest?

Abortion always protects the perpetrator of these criminal acts by "erasing the evidence".

In cases of incest where the mother carries to full term and keeps the baby, that usually is the end of the incest.

In cases of rape, pregnancy doesn't happen often. But when the mother carries the baby to full term and keeps the baby, then, instead of a horrific experience in her life, she has a horrific experience which ended up in something very positive - a blessing and gift from God of another human being.  This very much, helps her in getting over the trauma from the rape. 

On the other hand, if she has an abortion, she now has TWO traumas to deal with for a mother bonds with her baby early in the pregnancy.

(A planned parenthood sticker reads "my baby, my body, my choice".  Notice it's not THE baby - it's already MY baby showing the mother has bonded - even IN a pro choice sticker!)

Less than 1 percent of abortions are because of rape or incest.

How could God want a woman too young or too poor or not married to be a mother?

A pregnancy is a new human life, pre planned from the beginning of time and ALWAYS an Act of God, regardless of when and how the pregnancy occurs.

Remember God's ways are not OUR ways.  God allowed one mother who had STD to deliver several children. The fifth child of this woman grew up to be Beethovan!

Two children were born one night in Austria.  One child grew up to be Hitler. The other, a girl with Downs Syndrome (a baby who would have been aborted oftentimes today) grew up to take care of her parents in their old age.  Which of these contributed more positively to the world - the baby who WOULD have been aborted today or the other baby who grew to be Hitler?

We never know WHOM we are aborting and perhaps if a baby does not live, the world may not benefit from a cure for cancer or more great music or many other contributions this human might make.  Statistically, 95 percent of human beings born, make a positive contribution to the world.

Why did we EVER feel that abortion at ANY TIME would be anything BUT a horrific rip in the Fabric of Divine Providence, God's Perfect Plan.