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CNN "warning" to stay away from Communion totally bogus!   

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In a story on which apparently traversed "the world" by Associated press, it was announced that the Catholic archdiocese of Boston asked Catholics to not take Communion at Mass to help not spread the flu.

In researching this, I found that the REAL story differs quite radically.

First of all, I cannot find ANYTHING on the Boston archdiocesan website which told people to not take Communion.  (I searched the site with Google searcher also). 

Secondly, I did find something vaguely connected on Catholic News Service... excerpting:

>>>In mid-December several dioceses in California, one of the states where the flu was hitting earliest and hardest, were among the first to issue instructions or recommendations for changes in practice.

Bishop Patrick J. McGrath of San Jose and Archbishop William J. Levada of San Francisco asked parishes to stop offering Communion from the cup and said communicants should receive the Communion bread in the hand, not on the tongue. They said those and other changes were recommended at the urging of county health officials.<<<<

(notice - NOTHING about Boston, NOTHING about not receiving Communion!)  The CNS article also reprinted a blurb from the CDC that:

>>>>On Dec. 22 the latest available CDC weekly report warned against applying "the national baseline to regional level data" because the data on the incidence of flu or flu-like illnesses vary widely from region to region.<<<<

Finally they told people with flu to stay home from church (questionable but most sick people will forego church anyway so this is no big news).

However, one does wonder .... why are CATHOLICS ONLY asked to stay home from church? I don't notice a warning to stay home from bars, movies, ball games or New Year's Eve Parties which could offer MUCH greater opportunities to catch the flu - for instance, people sit VERY CLOSE To each other at theatres and as far as the bars and restaurants go, do you REALLY THINK they wash the dishes well enough to prevent contagion?

Truth be known, flu viruses are KNOWN to be airborne. Additionally, flu is MOST contagious for the two weeks before the person "comes down" with it so those in any public place from whom you would be MOST likely to catch the flu are NOT those who "look" ill!

As an aside, the Communion Cup was proclaimed by the CDC several years ago, to NOT be a center of contagion.

Here is an article by a Catholic doctor about "germs on the Cup":

What's the bottom line? Reminds me of an article a priest wrote several years ago which I never forgot.  His main premise was "Satan PROVES his existence every day!"  If you think of it, this is just what evil would love - keeping people AWAY from the Body and Blood of Christ and consequent REAL LIFE and NOT keeping people away from bars, restaurants and theatres where they are REALLY seriously exposed to the flu... Clever - will it work?


article on CNN

article in CNS (Catholic news service)