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Evolution in a nutshell:  Evolution postulates that everything happened randomly... all Creation just "happened" by chance.  That's because Darwin was angry at God for the premature death of his daughter, and wanted to cut God totally out of creation.  Thomas Huxley, one of Darwin's followers wrote:

"in the evolutionary pattern of thought, there is no longer a need or room for the supernatural."

Richard Dawkins, one of today's most famous atheists, the author of "The God Delusion" and defenders of evolution agreed when he wrote:

"Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist"

Darwin came up with "Natural Selection" by deducting that since we can breed different types of dogs and cows, that could happen in nature.  Man's breeding is called "microevolution" but Natural Selection is called "macroevolution".  What everyone forgot for the decades that evolution has been taught as dogma, is that in MAN'S breeding of animals, there IS intervention... i.e. that of man.  Macroevolution says it all happened by chance, random and there just is NO evidence that chance could achieve THIS type of order and engineering!

If you are a Christian who says "God is who - evolution is how" then you are not really into Darwinian Naturalism... because the latter says there MUST BE NO "WHO" at all.

In it's more extreme form, naturalism provides the rationale for Marxism and Nazi eugenics ... wrote Marx to Engels of Darwin's "origin of species" - "this is the book that contains the natural history which is the basis for our theories"

Ironically, the more nature reveals of itself, the more doubt is cast on naturalism...

For example in the Cambrion era, there emerged in a geological eyeblink, virtually all animal groups.

In one of HIS honest moments Richard Dawkins admits "it was as though they were just planted there without any evolutionary history!"

National Geographic Magazine, in their issue on Australia commented that the animals in Australia seemed to evolve "backwards" from what one would expect from evolution.

The NY Times headlined the discovery of "Piltdown man" as "Evolution PROVED TRUE!"

Thirty years later, "Piltdown Man" was proved to be an elaborate hoax.  What was amazing was, the scientific community never questioned it.

Most species have not changed at all... all of this runs counter to Darwin's theories...

Natural Selection can be called a "just so" story... just a fable and totally unsupported in observation and fossil record...

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