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Repost or share message on Facebook


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Endless requests on Facebook ask us to not share but to copy and paste a message - it's usually a worthwhile message (like the latest was a suicide hotline for veterans) but the bottom line is, if we have a lot of FB "friends" and honor all those messages, it would fill up our page.  I like to respect the friend so here's what I do.

1. If it's something to share like the veterans suicide hotline, I type it in myself - just text.

2. Mostly it's a friendship graphic or video - or a request to repost to "prove" that we read our friends' messages.  I paste in the following text:

"If I re-posted for every request for something to be re-posted, my page would be filled. However I do read your messages and requests."

3. If they want you to fill out a form of your likes etc, I do it as a comment on their message and not a general post on my Facebook.

4. For a recent request to repost a message about cancer, I commented and quoted a memorial page on this site I made for a friend of mine who died from cancer years ago.