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Pro life murder mysteries by John Becker, SJ

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Here you first meet English teacher and Jesuit Priest, Fr Wolfe who enjoys getting involved in a mystery.  This book has many exciting moments, interesting insights, a Catholic flavor (with a pro life message) and a surprise ending.

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English teacher and Jesuit priest, Fr Wolfe, goes down into the rectory freezer for a midnight snack and finds .... a dead BODY.... This exciting mystery will keep you on edge until the last page and inspire and entertain you also.

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This has been called Fr Becker's best novel. Not only is the reader presented with a mystery which will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page, but also a rare view into how the allegations against less than 1 percent of Catholic priests, have affected the 99 percent of Catholic priests who are faithful to their vow of celibacy. A must have!

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