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Natural Family Planning    

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Many people want to plan their families - they may want to wait until they have their degrees or else, they want to space their kids further apart or for whatever reason.

The problem with birth control takes God out of the equation of reproduction, because if the woman changes her body to not have a baby, isn't that like telling God "no" even if His Plan is different from hers?  And of course, the husband also has no choice in the matter either since it's the woman who does all the 'doing'.  Not withstanding that ALL artificial birth control methods are not safe to the body. Estrogen pills and Depo shots and the patch raise the risk of heart attack, stroke and thrombosis by 40 percent (if you don't believe me, look it up in the Merck Manual) and the IUD can raise the risk for uterine cancer. Also if you get pregnant with an IUD in place, it can REALLY mess up the pregnancy.  Condoms can cause irritation and they are often not effective and they take most of the pleasure out of expressing love through intercourse.  If God wanted us to use birth control, wouldn't He have helped us come up with a safe effective method?    Which is why the Catholic church teaches that birth control is very wrong.

The Catholic church does, however, offer a wonderful method of planning your family which was described by Johns Hopkins Institute as "equally effective as the birth control pill and 100 percent safe"!  It is called Natural Family Planning and involves the use of no pills, intrauterine devices or creams.

It is very natural and enhances the pleasure of intercourse between a married couple.  It can be used to discourage conception or encourage conception and because there is no shield shutting out God, if God has a special little person planned for you, He can override and place that special person in the woman's womb.

Basically the woman learns to read her mucus secretions and this will tell her when she's fertile and when she's ovulating.

When the woman is ovulating, she and her husband can decide whether they wish to make love during that time to encourage a pregnancy or to abstain from sex to discourage pregnancy.  As it should be, a pregnancy is the decision of both partners.

To refrain from becoming pregnant, the couple abstains from sex for 5-7 days in the time of ovulation. And the rest of the month (23 days) they can enjoy sex any time, freely and naturally, the way God intended.

This method is so simple to learn that it is taught to ladies in third world countries in about 15 minutes!

Why don't we hear more about this?  Because it's the best kept secret in the church!

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