By What Authority (the sad state of Catholic laity)




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This was transcribed from a talk by Fr Wade Menezes, CPM which I saw on EWTN

The following statistics were noted by Fr Wade Menezes, CPM, compiled from several sources

  • Only 23%  of Catholics go to Mass regularly (it may be less now - this was in 2005)
  • Only 30% of Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
  • 48% think premarital se/x is "not wrong at all"and only 21% believe it
    is always wrong
  • 33% say homose/xual acts are "not wrong at all"
  • 57% believe birth control should be available to teenagers even if
    their parents do not approve or know about it
  • 70% of Catholics favor euthanasia
  • Only 18% of Catholics agree with the Church's teaching that abortion
  • 31% of Catholics are actively pre-abortion
  • Up to 70% of Catholics advocate a "cafeteria Catholic" form of Catholicism where they can pick and choose what they want to believe
  • Most Catholics can not articulate clearly, the major tenets of their
    Catholic Faith...

Example, Fr Wade continued, " can you explain why surrogate parenting is a moral evil?" (it brings a third party into the marriage covenent and makes a commodity out of a human being).

"Those who say we should get with the times or get the Pope out of the bedroom... or by what authority the Church proclaims these tenets.... ask them the following..."

"Have such persons compared their own authority against the teaching authority of Church... ask them, "have you witnessed in person the Resurrection?  Have you ever been threatened to the point of death for defending your Faith?  Have you converted the world?  Or witnessed the founding of countless monasteries and convents?  Have you consistently upheld a prolife ethic for 20 centuries or have you managed to stay in tact for 2000 years with the same CEO despite the many attempts to kill it? Or converted a king or queen?"

"If not, by what authority do YOU question the teaching of Mother Church?"

"Rome has spoken, the case is closed! " (St Augustine)

Fr Wade Menezes, CPM