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Catholics and same gender marriage

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Although the church recognizes that two of the same gender can love each other, Catholic belief teaches that all Catholics should abstain from se/xual intimacy, except those in a Sacramental marriage who are not using birth control (they can be using Natural Family Planning), and who are physically able. This is about 25% of Catholics - the rest of us are asked to be celibate, reserving our most intimate love for God alone.

In the text from the Vatican (issued June 2003), Catholics are warned that supporting same sex marriage laws (recognizing them as equal to marriage with ability to adopt children) is against what our Church teaches and the Catholic who supports this in any way, may be committing sin.

With regards to adopting children, since homose/xual tendencies are considered a deviation from the norm, it is questionable whether a s/s partnerschip would really be a good environment to bring children into, since children tend to look toward their parents as role models.  That being said, some s/s individuals are good parents especially if they are observing the laws of the Church regarding se/xual intimacy.

Click on link below to read Vatican position on this:

Considerations Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homose/xual Persons