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A Christmas Story

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by Fr Kevin Scallon, C.M.

Note: this is a personal experience of Fr Scallon, told to viewers of EWTN, Christmas Eve 2011 (when I heard it):

"An old aunt of mine died on Christmas Eve and her funeral was to be on St Stephen's Day, the day after Christmas so I had to travel up to the North of Ireland in my car on Christmas evening and when I was about halfway there my car just suddenly stopped and it would not start again - no lights, no nothing so I was stopped at the dark part of the road and wondering what I should do and there was a house across the road with a light in the window so I went across and knocked the door and this youngish man came to the door. I could see inside the house which was just very dimly lit - I could see his wife was there and she had a baby in her arms and I asked him, "do you have a phone?" and he said, "no we don't have a phone but if you go into the village there is a bicycle shop in the middle of the village and if you knock the door there, the man of the house has a phone and he will let you use it." My idea was to call my brother, who lived about 60 miles away to come and get me and I went down to the village and knocked the door of the bicycle shop and the man invited me in and I made a phone call and eventually I got to my destination. And the next day when I went to pick up my car stranded on the side of the road - it was a day or two after Christmas - I looked to see where the house was that I can go over and thank them but when I looked over across the road, there was no house there and to this day, I am completely baffled by it. So I am just assuming with simple Faith that I had encountered the Holy Family on that Christmas night and that they were glad to see me and I was certainly glad to see them. And they gave me very good directions indeed. "

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