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Scientology and Dianetics

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That L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, lied or misrepresented is common knowledge but not enough to condemn the organization (which calls itself a "church" so it gets the church discount on taxes).

I studied the philosophy -- one cannot really call it theology because nothing about God is included - scientology vaguely refers to a possible "Creator" but it isn't really a part of the "religion".

Scientology provides "auditors" to help members "go clear" - the auditors are supposed to help the members clear out old memories and beliefs which are keeping them from the ultimate happiness (you can go as high as THETA 4 last I checked i.e. beyond "clear"). They use some psychoanalytic techniques which in the wrong hands (and auditors only take a short course so are NOT psychiatric practitioners), can cause more damage and quite literally blow up a person's mind.  That was in the early days in the 1970's when I studied it.

Now, they seem to have toned down the auditing etc. from the way it was in the 1970's - I saw several friends join and have their minds muddled in the early days.  L. Ron Hubbard died a while ago.  They have several books you can buy which describe the philosophy in detail.

It's still not in any stretch of the imagination a church, nor is it a good solution for someone who is seeking spiritual comfort.  I guess there are some who stay in the organization but everyone I've known, quits after a while.  They have a ship on which they can isolate folks but that seems to have the effect of discouraging folks more than encouraging them.

The classes are expensive so they make money whether people stay with them or not.

One of the famous folks who has spoken out against Scientology is Leah Remini (the actress).  A & E offers a series of informative programs which Remini hosts.

There are many websites - here is one:

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