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St Andre Bessette, CSC





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St Andre Bessette, the Holy Cross brother who answered the door to the monastery (Porter) for 40 years... he played the violin, and had bad stomach problems and a lack of stamina - ... He was canonized in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, the first Canadian male saint. A humble man, he reached out to all who, but 1 million people attended his funeral! (died in 1937) When people praised him for their healing, St Andre would say "It's not me - it's all God doing it!"

"Not everyone was healed but one of the greatest lessons we can learn from Brother Andre's life is the greatest healing of all, is the gift of salvation! He also taught us that suffering has meaning!" (FR Andrew Gawrych, CSC)

Teaching of the proximity of God, St Andre would say, "When you say 'Our Father' God's Ear is close to your lips!"