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Blessed Titus Brandsma

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This priest and martyr was born in the Netherlands in 1881 and first entered a Franciscan seminary but his health was too frail, so he was asked to leave.  He ended up in the Carmelite Novitiate in 1892 and subsequently became a Carmelite priest.

Titus was very happy in his Carmelite monastary, praying and being close to God but this was not to last.  When the Nazi's came to power, Titus found himself involved in the underground movement - against the evils perpetuated by the Nazi's.  And eventually was sent to the concentration camp, Dachau as a "dangerous enemy of the Reich".

The Nazi's beat and tortured Titus but he kept his kind nature, ministering to the Catholics as he could, defying rules against ministry etc.

Finally, suffering infection and illness, Titus was sent to a hospital in the concentration camp and subjected to the cruel inhumane experimentation the Nazi's were famous for.

When they could no longer use his fractured and broken body, a nurse was sent in to finish him off with carbolic acid.  She had been a fallen away Catholic but was very inspired by this holy priest and was crying about having to execute him.  Titus heard her confession and told her he and God forgave her and that God loved her very much. He helped her give him the injection that killed him.  She later went back to the Catholic church.  Titus Brandsma was 61 years old.

Blessed Titus was beatified in 1985 by Bl. John Paul II.