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Why are kids killing each other?

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Many factors are cited for the increase of violence in our society including lack of religious based support system (thus inaccessibility of clergy to help with problems), emphasis on materialistic gains limiting time spent with the family, children obtaining values from friends and 'family-like' peer groups such as gangs, and the visual arts including TV, the movies and rock music. 

Although these certainly contribute to the problem, perhaps the problem might be a lot less complex.

Society (and we parents) teach our children that most of the time, violence resulting in death is appropriate:

  • They see thousands of people killed in war and this is called "just"
  • They see a possibly innocent person executed by the state and this is called "justice"
  • They see thousands of human unborn babies killed daily in abortion and this is called "freedom of choice"
  • They see hundreds of elderly being terminated or hastened toward their deaths and this is called "final peace"
  • They see a perceived attacker gunned down and this is called "justifiable homicide"
  • They see doctors prescribing medications to kill, not cure and this is called "death with dignity"
  • They see beating hearts removed from still living donors to assure life for a human considered more worthwhile and this is called "ultimate generosity"
  • They see us kill our pets when they become troublesome, old or ill and this is called "putting an animal 'to sleep' ".


We teach our children that many people are better off dead than alive, and then, are surprised when our children go out and imitate us, their parents. 

If children are taught that the termination of human life is appropriate MOST OF THE TIME (see above) then, it will be very difficult for them to judge WHEN it is appropriate and when it is NOT appropriate. 

For example, we consider it appropriate to murder a human being who is attacking us. Those boys who shot up Columbine, had felt attacked by bullies for years - this solution they thought of was one THEY LEARNED from our society!

As usual, the buck stops... right at our feet.

"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me..."